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TD E – cam-controlled single-spindle automatic lathe with electronic speed and feed control

The automatic lathes of the TD series are cam-controlled high-performance lathes for the extremely economical production of medium to large batch sizes.
Thanks to the use of infinitely adjustable servomotors instead of the conventional feed gear, the machines easily adjusted; the operation of the machine is surprisingly quiet.

In its basic version, the machine is equipped with a tailstock and quill and four radial tool slides on the headstock.
CE-compliant housing and electrics comes standard.

Thanks to the use the frequency driven servomotors instead of the conventional feed gear, there are infinite combinations of spindle speed and production rate. Also, two different spindle speeds can be adjusted.

Spindle reversion comes standard with the TD 16 E, TD 26 E and TD 36 E.
Thus, the application of a mechanical gear for tapping operations is no more necessary.

Depending on the torque required at the spindle, four speed ranges can be set
(0 – 25%, 0 – 50%, 0 – 75% and 0 – 100% of nominal spindle speed)

Processing of bars up to
16 mm (0.63”) on the TD 16,
26 mm (1.02”) on the TD 26 mm and
36 mm (1.42”), limited to pipe material, when > 26 mm (1.02”) on the TD 36

B&S collets available

Overlapping machining of several tools, resulting in high part output
Modular construction
High manufacturing precision

Special machine execution: TDF 26 E – with hydraulic clamping, can also be fitted with a Ø 70 mm (2.76”) chuck

Available as additional attachments:

• Six position turret (SRV)
• Thread milling and polygon turning attachment (GFRE)
• Long turning attachment (LEV)
• Gripping attachment
• Back drilling and slotting attachment
• Front thread chasing attachment (GSTE)
• Rear thread chasing attachment
• Sub spindle (GLE)

Manuals in electronic format
Cam Calculation Training Manual

ModelTD 16 ETD 26 ETD 36 E
Bar capacity
roundmm (inches)16 (0.63)26 (1.02)36* (1.42)*
hexagonalmm (inches)13 (0.51)22 (0.87)22* (0.87)*
squaremm (inches)11 (0.43)18 (0.71)18* (0.71)*
Collet standardDIN 6343140 E161 E171 E
Collet optionB & SB & SB & S
distance max spindle tailstockmm (inches)285 (11.22)285 (11.22)285 (11.22)
long turning attachment travelmm (inches)70 (2.76)70 (2.76)70 (2.76)
Spindle drivekW (HP)3,7 (4.96)3,7 (4.96)3,7 (4.96)
Spindle speed maxrpm800047504000
Vertical slides travelmm (inches)35 (1.38)35 (1.38)35 (1.38)
Horizontal slides travelmm (inches)35 (1.38)35 (1.38)35 (1.38)
Net weightkg (pounds)840 (1852)840 (1852)840 (1852)
* Bar material > 26 mm (1.0") : only pipe allowed

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